Effect of kinesio tape application on pain and functional level in patients with lateral epicondylitis

Savran S., Baltaci G., Yakut Y., Gündo I.

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Taping provides immediate sensorimotor feedback and patients often report symptom relief, improved comfort level or stability of the involved joint. The elasticity of KT conforms to the body allowing for movement.

The purpose of this randomize clinical trial was to investigate the effects of kinesiotaping applied on pain, grasping strength, pinch strength and functional level in patients with lateral epicondylitis.

37 subjects, aged between 25 to 57 years presenting with lateral epicondylitis with semptom duration greater than 6 weeks, were randomized into two groups, were included in this study.

Outcome measure scores were found to be similar between groups at baseline and after treatment. There was a decline in pain and an increase in function in both groups compare with baseline.

We have some limitations including the absence of true notreatment control group makes it difficult to differntiate between treatment effect an the naturel course of disorder.