The possibilities of using kinesio taping in patients after cardiac surgery

Szczegielniak J, Łuniewski J, Bogacz K, Krajczy M, Śliwiński Z

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Kinesio Taping is used in physiotherapy to stimulate recovery and increase physical efficiency. Kinesio Taping offers new possibilities of using physiotherapy in patients who cannot fully benefit from kinesiotherapy or physiotherapy. Kinesio Taping is a method of treatment of pain syndromes reducing subjective pain perception. Appropriate applications, adjusted to patients' needs and overall health, stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system and auxiliary respiratory muscles, regulate muscle tone, accelerate post-operative scar healing processes and provide additional scar stabilization.

The aim
The article presents possibilities for using Kinesio Taping in patients after cardiac surgery. Kinesio Taping was used in the study in order to reduce pain, stabilize muscle tone, support respiratory muscles, prevent pectoralis muscle contracture, accelerate post-operative scar healing processes, increase post-operative scar elasticity and prevent the development of adhesions.

The observed results of therapy were as follows: a decrease in subjective pain perception, a reduction of oedema, additional scar stabilization, and fully active participation of the patients in kinesiotherapy, which was limited before the KT treatment.




FP 2007;7(4)